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Launch Trauma

14 Videos

Lightcode Clearing & Activation videos for fears, emotions, beliefs, behaviours, and physiology symptons related to Launching and Launch Trauma.

Regardless of how big or small the Launch, you will experience Resistance, this Collection is here to help you move through this Resistance to the Inspired Action that is on the other side.

Upcoming Workshops

9am 24/03/21 AEST

Full day Live Workshop

The Magic CAB Method™

The Anti-Goal Setting, Magic not Logic™ System for a running a business in flow. Remove the stress and anxiety of being in your head, work with your Intuition instead.

Facilitated by Julie Lewin, Tash Lewin & Taliah Byron

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Crisis Call

1:1 60 minute call with Julie & Tash Lewin

If you are in Crisis, and you need a safe place to land and unpack it all. Book in a session

Julie & Tash Lewin (mother daughter duo)

Offer Audit

1:1 60 minute call with Taliah Byron – The Audit Queen.

If you’re concerned about what you are launching into the world, or you already launched and it didn’t quite go according to plan, book a session with Taliah, she’ll get to the heart of the issue.

Taliah Byron