Are you ready to finally kick those last lingering self-sabotaging beliefs in the butt?

Look, we know this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve been doing the mindset and inner work for a while now – in fact there’s a pretty good chance you’re actually supporting others in doing this powerful, transformational work. 

So it’s safe to say you already know a thing or two about the impact your belief system and conditioning has on what you are able to materialize into your reality. (We see you!)

You already know:

→ That the beliefs you hold about the world and yourself have been unconsciously programmed; that they are simply a result of your upbringing, your environment and your experiences.

→ That these stories you’ve been telling yourself deep down – that don’t even belong to you and are not your natural state of being – are fundamentally untrue, and yet, that they are still lurking under the surface, creating your reality.

→ How to recognise and call out your own BS by following the threads of what is showing up in your life, to determine the underlying belief system that is playing out.

→ That these core beliefs and the energetic frequency that they emit are blocking your ability to manifest your desires even though you seriously desire it with all your heart.

→ That all the vision boarding, affirmations and aligned action in the world isn’t going to do squat for you calling in the abundance, impact, love, joy and fulfillment you desire if there’s an aspect within you that doesn’t believe you are capable of attracting it.

I am not enough.

I am not worthy. 

Who am I to do this?

It’s not safe for me to be seen.

The problem is:


1. You keep recognising these stories playing out on rinse and repeat, running circles in your mind, rippling out in the feedback you are receiving from the world you see around you.

2. You feel blocked or thwarted from creating your desires, no matter how much self awareness and mindset work you do.

3. You see how allowing these stories to continue to run on autopilot is affecting your income, your impact, your influence, your connections, your mission in this lifetime.

4. You’ve been trying to logic your way through it, to think it through, to figure it out…but nothing changes…and you only end up more stressed and frustrated.

5. You cannot seem to alchemize the core beliefs or get to the root – no matter how much journaling, self healing, breathwork, tapping and self reflection you do.

6. You’ve tried bargaining with parts of yourself, holding space, delegating, feeling all the feels, doing everything you can do to release and transmute, but these pesky beliefs don’t seem to budge.

What if we told you, that in all the years of mindset work and self reflection, you’ve forgotten something on a human level that your soul innately knows…

Alchemizing these beliefs can be INSTANT and simple;

and it gets to be easy.

You have witnessed others have colossal quantum shifts overnight – chances are, you’ve even facilitated it for them – from one single breakthrough or ‘aha!’ moment, so you know it’s possible.

Now it’s your turn!

You’ve been doing this for decades and you’ve come up the hard way through your healing journey…

What if you finally allowed it to be easy?

What if you relinquished yourself of the responsibility to do all the healing on your own, and received support from those who’s zone of genius is to literally do this for you?

The world needs you.

Not someone like you.


And it needs you now!

Which is why we’ve made this as simple as possible for you…

The benefits:

→ The emotions that were sitting behind the belief, that are often a 10/10 in intensity will be a 0/10 after the clearing, you will no longer be able to even locate it anymore.

→ When you find yourself in a state of panic, freeze or overwhelm, pulling a card and doing the clearing video will short-circut the stress response and allow you to take aligned action once more.

→ When you can’t figure out what is going on, but you know you are procrastinating or feeling stuck or overwhelmed…the cards and clearings give you prompts to dig deep and reflect on your life, habits and patterns.

→ It will shift any feelings of being caught between a rock and a hard place, it will give you space to breathe and make an informed decision rather than a reactive choice.

→ It will give you an overwhelming feeling of peace and connection to all that is.

→ It gives you a structure for self-reflection and helps you go deep into understanding your past and how it caused your present. 

→ You will quickly and easily neutralise the charge of any trauma or wounding that is stuck in your energy Fields, allowing you to feel neutral instead of triggered.

Complete Limiting Belief Clearing Kit from Lightcode Lab Promo Video

Using almost 4 decades worth of experience in the Energy Healing space, we’ve channelled 50 Lightcodes that hold Energetic Protocols to clear all the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are unconsciously holding you back on a professional or personal level…

And we’ve packaged them up in a powerful little online kit for you. So you can do these whenever you need, not whenever we’re available.

Each Belief Clearing in the Kit includes:

→ Journal Prompts to investigate where the belief may be true to see what bubbles to the surface.

→ Multi-dimensional energy clearing video that includes: Unique Channelled Clearing by Energy Master Julie Lewin, AreekeerA® Vibration, 432hz music, Channeled Lightcode.

There are 50 Belief Clearings in total.

This is purchased through our Course Platform, so you get automatic access to everything straight away.

The process works like this:

1. Buy the Complete Belief Clearing Kit

2. Journal & identify which beliefs no longer serve you

3. Watch the relevant Clearing video & marvel at the peace and vitality you now have

That’s it – just like magic.

Don’t underestimate the simplicity – these short clearings pack a punch!

This is purchased through our Course Platform, so you get automatic access to everything straight away.

Happy Students


“As someone who facilitates energetic work and plays in the etheric realms as if it was second nature, I know the real deal – I know magic – when I see (or rather, feel) it. The frequencies that Julie and Tash have access to and transmit are of such a high caliber I was legitimately floored the first time I felt into the energy of one of their limiting belief clearings. These women are accessing realms of pure creator consciousness and alchemy – immediately when I started receiving the clearing, I felt the angels, I felt source reach through my entire being and wash away any remnant of the limiting belief, across all timelines and versions of my soul. The short clearing was so powerful that I felt my entire body shake with the healing frequency it was transmitting. Thank you Tash and Julie! You truly have a gift!”

Bec M.

Priestess, Psychic Channel & Activator, becmylonos.com

Happy Students

“I absolutely LOVE these clearings, the incredible sacred geometry matched with Julie’s soothing clearings is like having a spiritual box of aspirin in your bag!  Whatever I am experiencing, however I am being affected, I can find what I need to address and calm the trigger.  You can actually feel the body responding!
I am forever grateful for my little deck of wonder, thank you Julie & Tash for always helping me face and erase what is holding me back from my true self, I am becoming more and more present in the full extent of what’s possible with a clear energy <3.”
Helen G.

Conflict and Pre-Mediation Coach, The Modern Masculine

So, if you have tried everything else already, and you want to clear these last pesky beliefs, once and for all (and you wanted it done like yesterday)…

This is purchased through our Course Platform, so you get automatic access to everything straight away.

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Bread and butter. Shoes and socks. Romeo and Juliet. Some things are better together.

Introducing Magic Not Logic Deck: The ultimate companion for the Lightcode Lab – Complete Limiting Belief Clearing Kit. 

These powerful cards help you put logic to the side and receive from your higher guidance what direction to go in, if you’re unsure of or having trouble accessing what limiting belief is lurking under the surface and wreaking havoc. 

Simply shuffle, and discover which clearing to receive.

This deck contains all 50 of the beliefs that you will have access to as part of the Lightcode Lab – Complete Limiting Belief Clearing Kit.


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