Clearing & Activation Codes for Entrepreneurial success

Use Magic not Logic™ to overcome resistance & finally launch your offer or business!

Everything is energy

It’s time to bring Magic back into the equation. Get out of your head, move out of Logic and into the Energetic.

Lightcodes hold Energetic Activations within their geometric form, much like a QR Code holds information, to upgrade your energy bodies.

Sometimes we need an energy Clearing & Activation to help us move through or process something…an emotional block, sabotage, resistance, or even to download inspiration.

It’s a shortcut, for when you don’t consciously know what needs to be moved, or how to move it…but you know it no longer serves and you are ready to let it go.

Lightcode Library

When we are told by our Spirit Team that an Activation Code is needed for the World, we will create them and upload them to our Lightcode Library Membership Portal. This will include an AreekeerA® Clearing & Lightcode in the form of a Video Meditation. This is a monthly membership & you get access to all Lightcodes & Clearings as they are uploaded.

custom Personal Code

If you are going through something, and you would like a personal Activation Code created, purchase this option. This will be for personal use only, and you will receive the Code & a digital artwork to contemplate. You will own this and it will not be given to anyone else. These cannot be used for Commercial Purposes.

Custom Business Logo

If you would like a Custom Activation Code channelled for your Business, to be used as a Logo, please choose this option. I will tap into the Energy & Akashic Records of you and your business, and create something especially for the energy required. All ownership will be passed to you upon completion, and it will only be sold once. You are welcome to trademark this Code.

Hi, I’m Tash

Graphic Designer + Spiritual Business Mentor + Lightcode Channeller

I’ve been a graphic designer for 11 years, an entrepreneur for 6 years and a spiritual business mentor for 2 years.

I feel like all of this was an Incubator of sorts to prepare me for this work. As the daughter of a world famous Medical Intuitive, it seems inevitable that I would end up doing this healing work.

I just love creating and bringing these Lightcodes through, so I am happy to have you on this journey with me.