infection Support

a gift for you

Due to the situation in the world right now we’ve gifted you some resources to help you manage any challenges you may face around infection, vaccination and non-vaccination. Whether you are choosing to vaccinate and experience anxiety, or you are choosing to avoid vaccination but want to support yourself, these resources may help. We hope you love them as much we loved creating them for you.

Meditations included:

Meditation: DNA Codon Activation

Meditation: Infection Support

Activity: Thyme Tea


These meditations do not substitute medical advice or care. We encourage you to speak with your physician about any concerns or clarification you require regarding your personal situation. These resources are to support your immune system and energetic requirements at this time. We advocate for a combination of traditional medical care and energetic work when maintaining your own wellbeing..


infection support

DNA Codon Activation

by Julie Lewin | AreekeerA® Template

Infection Support

by Julie Lewin | AreekeerA® Template


Thyme Tea

Place a sprig of real fresh thyme in a mug of hot water.

Drink 1 cup daily.

For more information about why to do this, visit: https://foodfacts.mercola.com/thyme.html


I received my light code lab Magic not Logic card deck last week and have already used it multiple times for both my own cleaning and cleaning with my clients! Julie and Tash have really mastered capturing the light codes within the cards. My clients and I are feeling so much space and light. It’s been the quickest method I have found in my 20 years of spiritual cleaning work. The light code energy is potent and heaven sent. Thank you for creating such a magical tool for us. May you be blessed with light, love and abundance always.

Sandra Irving

Entrepreneur Development, The Entourage

Julie Lewin is one of the best medical & spiritual healers I have come across in the world. Julie doesn’t know how good she is with what she does and how wonderful she is as a human being. Julie is also very skilled as a help desk manager and her interaction with her clients are at the same level she interacts with her own clients as a healer. I highly recommend Julie!

Irene Lidvall

Rapid Transformational Therapist

“You guys are seriously worth trillions! Paring these cards with the Clearing in the app is NEXT LEVEL!!!!!!”

Amanda Vodic

Astrologer, Storytelling with Astrology

“It was enlightening, and now having the knowledge of how to help myself I can get better and improve in all areas of life. I didn’t realise my doubt was so strong, that explains why people who doubt used to bug me :-).

I have tried so much and so hard to get better, but knew there was something else I had to do. Thank you so much Julie, I can’t wait to start on the meditations.”

Susan Greenwood

Brisbane, Austalia