Julie & Tash Lewin

Lightcode Clearing & Activation videos for fears, emotions, beliefs, behaviours, and physiology symptons related to Launching and Launch Trauma.

Launching can be as big as an official 100K Offer Launch or as small as telling your significant other or family that you are starting a business.

Regardless of how big or small the Launch, you will experience Resistance, this Collection is here to help you move through this Resistance to the Inspired Action that is on the other side.

15 Videos

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the process

Step 1


Self-inspection, investigation or examination, is an essential part of the Clearing process. In a 1:1 Container with us, we would be asking you questions and digging into what is coming in your life each week.

You need to provide yourself with this same container. At the beginning of each week, and the start of each day inspect what is coming up in your inner and outer world that needs to be addressed:


  • What am I going through today?
  • What is coming up that needs to be inspected and understood?
  • What tools do I need to move through today’s resistance?

Step 2

Watch Clearing Video

After you have identified what is coming up, find the appropriate video.

NB If we don’t have a video yet, send us an email or DM and we’ll pop it on the Coming Soon List 🙂

The clearing videos are multi-layered freqency, and will be working on 9 Energy Bodies, all Timelines and Alternate Lifetimes. This is multi-dimensional healing, and it will take some time to integrate.

Before the Clearing video, ask yourself:

  • What is the level of Impact of this feeling, belief or Behaviour?
  • What does the charge feel like in my body (things with a charge are what we work to clear)?

Step 3


After the clearing, ask yourself:

  • How do I feel about this issue now?
  • Is the charge still there?

To identify the impact of the clearing, it’s important to reflect on what changes you notice in:

  • yourself
  • your environment
  • and how you engage with your life

If you find yourself in a similar situation,  ask yourself:

  • Am I responding to it in a different way than I would have in the past?


Scroll to see if we have done a video on your issue, if not email or DM us to put it on the Coming Soon List.

1x New Clearing & Activation video will be added each week.

Blocks to your Intuition


Fatigue or exhaustion

Fear of Criticism, ridicule and being ostracised

Fear of Failure and what that means about me

Fear of Success & it’s expectations

Frozen, stuck, numb or paralysed

I’m not good enough

Imposter Syndrome

Launch Trauma

Overwhelm at all that “needs” to be done to Launch

Resistance to creating content for my offer

Shame and embarrassment

Stress & Burnout

Unable to ask for money


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Back against the wall, with no where to run, but desperately want to run away

Chakra Balance for optimal Kundalini flow

Don’t have any, or not enforcing boundaries

Everyone is avoiding talking about money in collaborations

Fear around what my next step is

Fight or flight response to needing to make money

Living in the future, and always chasing what I want

Poverty Frequency