Meghan Gilroy

Today I’m celebrating Julie and Tash and their Intuition Builder book! I just received mine and it has so many great practical suggestions around intuition and inner knowing. I can’t wait to use it myself and also share with my community. Well done ladies!!
If you haven’t grab your copy yet I would highly recommend you do so! Let’s support the magic these fully shining women are creating in the world.
And now my beautifully wrapped Oracle Cards arrived. Wow ladies, these are some powerful clearings and were spot on for the first cards I pulled.
I have quite a few Oracle Decks, but none like this focused specifically on healing and clearing so I will definitely be turning to these when I need more insight.
Thank you and brilliant job!


Magic not Logic™ Card Deck

The Intuition Builder™ Book

Temporary Tattoo


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CARD DECK: Magic not Logic™ – Lightcodes to Clear Mindset Blocks


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BOOK: The Intuition Builder – Decoding the Signs, Signals & Synchronicities of your Intuition