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This Aromatherapy Clearing Kit includes a Clearing Mist for "I am unlovable" and an Activation Roller for "I am calling in my Soul Family who love me". These come together as a Set, so that you are both clearing and activating as a Daily Ritual.

These products have been infused with Source vibration and the Intention of unravelling and clearing the frequency of feeling unlovable.

This set matches one of the clearings from the Magic not Logic Card Deck and can be used in conjunction with this card. The Lightcode has energetically infused the aromatherapy and will work on your energy bodies. Use this whenever you are feeling stuck and need a shift in energy.


  1. Hold the intention that you are clearing the frequency of feeling stuck
  2. Spray the Clearing Mist around your head to clear your energy field
  3. Breath in deeply and connect in with the Earth
  4. Hold the intention to anchor the belief "I open myself up to the universe and I allow the path to unfold before me. I easily see the next right action to take."
  5. Roll the Activation roller onto your pulse points; wrist, hands, neck or temples.
  6. Breathe in deeply and connect with the Earth once more


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