Unravel what’s really underneath your resistance

This Card Deck of Lightcodes is a tool to unravel & clear the energy charge of mindset blocks fast

Process emotional blocks, sabotage patterns, and growth edge resistance fast; so you can be who you wore born to be, before the world told who you were





CARD DECK: Magic not Logic™ – Lightcodes to Clear Mindset Blocks

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Magic Not Logic™ - when Logic is getting you nothing but a headache, Magic is your Path to Peace. Are you trying to follow your own path to bring your magic to the world, but it seems so hard. As soon as we step onto the Self Awareness path, we get confronted with ourselves at every turn, and it can feel hard to know where to look.

So, you've been trying to logic your way through it, to think it through, to figure it out...but nothing changes...and you only end up more stressed and frustrated

This Card Deck of Lightcodes is like nothing else on the market. They have been Channeled with the express purpose of addressing the beliefs and fears that show up as soon as we try to grow and become a different version of ourself. Using almost 4 decades worth of experience in the Energy Healing space, we've Channeled 50 Lightcodes that hold Energetic Protocols that Clear all the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are consciously holding you back.

  • "who am I to do this?"
  • "I don't know enough"
  • "I'm not an expert"
  • "why would they want to hear from me?"
  • "I'm afraid of being seen"
  • "they won't like the real me"
  • "I'm not enough"

All those pesky voices from your childhood that now take up space in your subconscious, sabotaging your efforts to grow. Even when you are decades into the journey, these little gremlins bubble up to the surface.

We wanted to shift all the mindset stuff, BUT we didn't want to have to sit deep in our stuff for days on end. Talking about our wounds and reliving the emotions as if it were yesterday...bleh. We wanted to gain Self-Awareness and an ability to be the calm within the chaos around us, and we wanted it fast.

The Cards unravel what's really going on underneath the surface... ...all the thoughts, emotions, and stories you tell yourself about how:

  • "it's just not the right time yet."
  • "there's not enough in it yet, people will want more"
  • "it's not pretty enough, nobody will buy it"
  • "maybe if it were somebody else, but not me, I'm not as good as everyone else doing the same thing"

Well, we call BS on all that. The world needs you, not someone like you, but You. And it needs you now. These cards will show you who you can be...if you just allowed yourself to really step out as your true authentic self...removing the mask you've worn most of your life.

The cards are sassy, and the Mirror can appear harsh...it can force you to see things you have hidden from everyone including yourself, but that's part of the Magic, Once something is seen, it can't be unseen. And in the seeing, you can remember who you were born to be...The Shifts happen fast, are you ready?

~ Julie & Tash Lewin - Mother Daughter Duo xo


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What is a Lightcode?

Lightcodes hold Energetic Activations within their geometric form, much like a QR Code holds information. They are a QR code for your soul, they will unravel any trapped energy patterns and upgrade your energetic frequency.

Sometimes we need an energy Clearing & Activation to help us move through or process something…an emotional block, sabotage, resistance, or even to download inspiration.

It’s a shortcut, for when you don’t consciously know what needs to be moved, or how to move it…but you know it no longer serves and you are ready to let it go.

Can I do readings for other's with the cards?

They have been designed for self-exploration, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be used as a prompt for your work with others. If they can’t identify what is going on internally, you can shuffle the cards and see what comes through. You can then use your intuition to download additional information, areas of focus, or exploration prompts.

They could also be used to identify areas of focus for your community. If you pull a card for the week, then you could respond to it and share stories, experiences, intuitive downloads etc for your people to prompt their own self-exploration.

Can I buy these for my client?

Yes, you can absolutely gift these cards as part of a Client Welcome Gift! You can either have the cards shipped to you directly to be added into your own gift packaging. Or you can tell us it is a gift and we will gift wrap it for you.

Can I use these with my clients?

Yes, you can absolutely use these with your clients. We have a number of coaches and consultants who use them as a regular part of their client sessions. The feedback has been overwhelming, that the cards are a bit sassy in how accurate they are and how much of an energy shift they get from contemplating the lightcode. 

If you would like to be part of our Client Partnership program, we are taking applications now. This will include a discount for your clients.


What People Are Saying


"I received my light code lab Magic not Logic card deck last week and have already used it multiple times for both my own cleaning and cleaning with my clients! Julie and Tash have really mastered capturing the light codes within the cards. My clients and I are feeling so much space and light. It's been the quickest method I have found in my 20 years of spiritual cleaning work. The light code energy is potent and heaven sent. Thank you for creating such a magical tool for us. May you be blessed with light, love and abundance always."

Sandra Irving

Entrepreneur Development, The Entourage

"Julie Lewin is one of the best medical & spiritual healers I have come across in the world. Julie doesn't know how good she is with what she does and how wonderful she is as a human being. Julie is also very skilled as a help desk manager and her interaction with her clients are at the same level she interacts with her own clients as a healer. I highly recommend Julie!"

Irene Lidvall

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Julie & Tash are seriously worth trillions!!! Working with them has changed my life. Their work is truly worth it’s weight in gold. I have gone from a burnout out mess struggling to figure out my purpose and get my business up and running; to a centered, aligned, powerful Spiritual Teacher and Medium who shows up in my business with ease, calm and infinite energy. My business is now a joy to play in with the 5D tools they have taught me. From their truly potent ‘Magic but not Logic’ oracle deck to their personal mentoring, I often say I owe them trillions of dollars, that is how vital their work has been to me. I write this testimonial to encourage you to stop searching and go now to chat with Julie & Tash. In a world where many online offers fall short, you can be assured they will go beyond your wildest expectations. 

Amanda Vodic

Channeled AstrologyTM

"It was enlightening, and now having the knowledge of how to help myself I can get better and improve in all areas of life. I didn’t realise my doubt was so strong, that explains why people who doubt used to bug me :-).

I have tried so much and so hard to get better, but knew there was something else I had to do. Thank you so much Julie, I can’t wait to start on the meditations."

Susan Greenwood

Brisbane, Austalia

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