Magic not Logic™ Card Deck – Lightcodes for Entrepreneurial Mindset Blocks




Magic Not Logic™ – when Logic is getting you nothing but a headache, Magic is your Path to Peace.

Are you a Conscious Entrepreneur who is struggling with the hustle in business? You’ve tried to logic your way through it, but nothing changes…and you only end up more stressed and burnt out.

This Card Deck of Lightcodes is like nothing else on the market.

They have been designed especially for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs…we’ve been right where you are and bought the t-shirt…but we wanted another way.

We know that you have to address your Inner World, if you want your Outer World to change. But we didn’t want to have to sit it in for months and years for anything to change.

Using almost 4 decades worth of experience in the Energy Healing space, we’ve created 50 Lightcodes that hold Energetic Protocols that Clear all the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that bubble up as soon as you decide to start your own business…

  • “who am I to do this?”
  • “I don’t know enough”
  • “I’m not an expert”
  • “why would they want to hear from me?”

All those pesky voices from your childhood that now take up space in your unconscious, sabotaging your efforts to succeed.

Even when you are decades into the Entrepreneurial journey, these little gremlins bubble up to the surface waiting

We wanted to shift all the mindset stuff, BUT we didn’t want to have to sit deep in our stuff for days on end. Talking about our wounds and reliving the emotions as if it were yesterday…bleh.

We wanted to gain Self-Awareness and an ability to be the calm within the chaos around us, and we wanted it fast.

The Cards unravel what’s really going on underneath the surface…

…all the thoughts, emotions, and stories you tell yourself about how:

  • “it’s just not the right time yet.”
  • “there’s not enough in it yet, people will want more”
  • “it’s not pretty enough, nobody will buy it”
  • “maybe if it were somebody else, but not me, I’m not as good as everyone else doing the same thing”

Well, we call BS on all that.

The world needs you, not someone like you, but You.

And it needs you now.

These cards will show you who you can be…if you just allowed yourself to really step out and shine in the spotlight.

The cards are sassy, and the Mirror can appear harsh…it can force you to see things you have hidden from everyone including yourself, but that’s part of the Magic,

Once something is seen, it can’t be unseen.

And in the seeing, you can remember who you were born to be…before you put on the masks you now wear.

The Shifts happen fast, are you ready?

~ Julie & Tash Lewin – Mother Daughter Duo xo


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