Personal Lightcode


If you are going through something, and you would like a personal Activation Code created, purchase this option. This will be for personal use only, and you may choose from a range of delivery options. These cannot be used for Commercial Purposes.

I will usually pick it up simply by meditating on you during the creation process, but if there is something specific you would like me to focus on as I bring through your lightcode (that is different to the Activation Focus options listed), please either include it in your purchase order as an additional instruction, or email me afterwards support@lightcodelab.com. Tash x

NB Instructions for how to use your Lightcode are below.

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Instructions For Custom lightcodes

1. Choose Intention Focus

Purchase your Custom Made option above, selecting the Intention Focus you would like me to Channel your Activation Code for.


2. I will Channel your code

Once your Custom request comes through, I will send your Code file through within 24-48 hours, depending on how many orders are received that day.

3. Meditate on your code

Alchemy happens in your physical and energetic bodies when you meditate on and contemplate your code. You will receive a video to watch, a black & white code, and  Phone & Computer Wallpaper images.