StephANIE Kakris

“I am so loving my clearing cards from Julie & Tash. The moment I opened the parcel I was covered in goosebumps from head to toe. They continued as I opened the box and looked through the cards and at the book.
I have been using them as a ritual every morning to help support me through the day. I choose a card and allow the vibration of the code to wash over my body via my eyes. Then I sit the card facing up in the box next to my computer as I work.
I am currently involved in a very big project which has been very stressful.
Yesterday and today I chose the “I have to be in control” card.
Then I checked the tattoo that came with the cards and guess what – yep!! 🤩
So I thought it was a good time to put it on.
The message I am getting is:
“Be comfortable with the unknown.”
So today I am sitting with the unknown, and trusting that while I can’t see what’s next, I know it will work out.
Thanks to Julie and Tash for creating such a magical product. 🥰🌟


Magic not Logic™ Card Deck

The Intuition Builder™ Book

Temporary Tattoo


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