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The Kombi Van

This option allows you to explore at your own pace. You can stop next to that beach you love to watch the sun set over the ocean and really embrace the new Peace that descends. Or ground yourself as the waves of Revelation wash over you as you camp for the night. This option is for those that are in it for the lifestyle, not a race to a destination. You want to find soul family to share the journey with, you’re tired of toughing it out alone. A community of like-minded people who are on the same journey makes this whole thing more fun.


Intimate group of 4

12 weeks @ AUD $6.6K


option 2

The Bullet Train

This option is for those that have somewhere to be and they want to be there now. You have things to do in your business and life, and you need to sort out your Outer World asap. You are happy for it to be intensive, let’s just get in and sort it out, you may say. You understand that committing yourself to an intensive 1: 1 journey means you can really dig into your own Inner World and figure out what needs to be upgraded. You are ready to make an Impact in the world and you want to step up now.


1:1 Container

12 weeks @ AUD $16.5K


“I was so frustrated because I had an amazing business vision, I knew it was needed and I had the capabilities to do it. I hired a number of different people to help me birth it, but I couldn’t get what I needed from them. It made me feel like I was “uncoachable”.

When I started working with Julie and Tash, I realised I needed somebody who could coach not just me, the businesswoman, but also me, the woman, who is led by the passion of my soul vision. To launch the business, I had to be held in all my fears around why I wasn’t launching it. Part of that was that I believed I wasn’t coachable.

It was great to be treated as a human, and any issues that came up around my fears, worries and concerns, I felt fully supported. Julie and Tash got to know the real me through the deep work we did together. I trust them. They helped co-create my website perfectly and helped me embody my business very differently and better than my original vision.

I couldn’t have done it without them. I now realize I am coachable, but I am very deep and complex and not everybody’s going to get me. They do.”

Helen worked with us intensively for 9 months.

Helen Glover

CEO, The Modern Masculine

I couldn’t have done it without them. I tried…for 6 years, I tried. I have had so many coaches and mentors and they never got me. They all tried to push me in a direction I didn’t want to go. To create a business that was “where the money is”…not where my passion and heart were. When I spoke to Julie & Tash, they just got me, and my vision. Then they expanded it beyond anything I could have imagined.

They created a structure and framework based on who I actually am and where I wanted to go. They understand the energy side of business, as well as how to actually successfully run a business. They don’t just have book knowledge…like they haven’t gone and learnt something and then are coaching or teaching in it. Everything that they do comes from years of actually doing what they say. From experience not just knowledge.

It has made such a difference in me actually being able to launch this business that was only a dream a year ago. I almost can’t even believe that is has happened.

We Cleared so much bullshit, so many emotions, beliefs and stories that came from years of trauma and abuse, and I feel like a totally different person now, who I was always meant to be. I can actually step into the role of CEO in my business now, I wouldn’t have been able to do that a year ago. I honestly, hand on my heart, couldn’t have done this without them.

It has been 18 months (as of today 22.09.21) and I couldn’t imagine doing it without them, even now. They are simply a part of my team.”

Natalie Mazzoni

CEO, The Soulful Alchemist