Magic not Logic™

A Monthly Membership for Entrepreneurs frustrated by Resistance, who want Consistent Flow & Inspired Action instead, without spending all day meditating.

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Either on a daily/weekly basis or as you notice a Charge or Trigger, use the Self-Audit Framework™ to

  1. Inspect yourself for Behaviours, Beliefs, Fears, Emotions, or Physical symptoms
  2. Identify what is underneath your Resistance to Taking Action or what is causing the Charge in the Trigger.

Download the Self-Audit Framework™


Using the Search tools below, find a Resistance Breaker Clearing Video that addresses the needs you identified in your Self-Audit.

If you can’t find what you need, write us post in the Facebook group with the hashtag #clearingrequest or email us via support@lightcodelab.com and we will add it to our backlog list. We’ll then notify you when it has been added.

If the Clearing is urgent, you can arrange a 1:1 Clearing Session with Julie & Tash.


As you work in your business and notice Resistance come up, use the Reflection section of the Self-Audit Framework™ to reflect on whether your behaviour or actions changed based on using the Clearing you chose. Keep in mind, there may be a variety of Clearings required to address the challenge. 

These Clearings are like a circuit breaker, when you notice yourself in Resistance, turn to a Clearing to break the circuit. This will enable you to get out of the Logic Loop™ and into Inspired Action faster.

Lightcode Library™

Resistance Breakers™

Lightcode Clearing & Activation videos for fears, emotions, beliefs, behaviours, and physiological symptoms related to Running a Business, Living the Entrepenurial Life, Launching & related Launch Trauma.

These Resistance Breaker Clearings™ are here to help you move through Resistance to the Inspired Action that is on the other side. They are your Toolkit to turn to when Unrelenting Resistance keeps you trapped in place, when you want to move forward.

When you find yourself in Internal or External Resistance:

1. ask yourself “what is behind this Resistance? What needs to be Uncovered and Cleared, so I can take the Inspired Action I need to?”

2. Then search for a related video below to help you move  through it.

If there isn’t a video for what you need, post in the Facebook Group with the hashtag #clearingrequest or email us via support@lightcodelab.com.

Search Manually

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The Behaviours, Beliefs, Fears, Experiences or Emotions you currently identify with or that you want to Activate instead.
(All videos include both a Clearing and an Activation.)

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We will list a Backlog of Clearings below, so you can see what has already been requested. You can vote on these to help determine which one will be released next.

If you don’t see what you are after below, please use the form to send us your request.

Or email us directly support@lightcodelab.com

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